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Does muscle really weigh heavier than fat?

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If like me, you’ve stepped onto the scales only to see that your weight has not shifted or even gone up! You feel disappointed as you know you have kept on track with your food fuel intake plus working out at the gym or at home. So why are the scales not showing off all your hard work?
If you are or have ever been a member of a slimming club and this has happened, you may have started explaining that you have been working out hard and said “well, its ok, muscle weighs heavier than fat, that's what it is” only to be told “ muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat - that's a myth” so you walk away feeling disheartened and probably think what's the point of working out then!
However being told “muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat” is not actually wrong. Nothing weighs more than anything else - it’s more of a case of density. Let me explain...
If you weigh a pound of fat and a pound of muscle, there is no question they will weigh the same! A pound of anything weighs the same as something else because it's the same weight - a pound! A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of metal but what is different - is their density.
Imagine what a pound of feathers looks like - it would be huge. Now imagine what a pound of metal would look like. Because metal is a more dense material, a smaller amount is required to reach the same pound in weight as the feathers.
This is the same for fat and muscle. A pound in weight of fat is bigger in volume than a pound in weight of muscle because muscle is denser than fat so it is a smaller in volume so takes up less surface area. In other words you need a smaller amount of muscle, in size, to replace the same amount of fat in weight.
This is why I don’t like weighing in on scales that just give you a body weight reading - they can be misleading, disheartening and take your focus away from building long lean muscles to keep you and body strong and healthy throughout your life.
Click here if you want to learn about how I now weigh myself so I can get a clearer picture of what my weight is actually made up of.
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