Books & DVDs

Below are some of the books and DVD’s that we like to read and watch, including one book that I have written. We thought we would share them with you to help with your positivity, productivity, good mindset and motivation on your own health journey!

Being open and honest is the only way, so I have to say that most of the links below and any other links on are affiliate links which means any items purchased through our links earns us a very small commission. That said, there is definitely no extra cost to you by purchasing this way, but it does help us keep our website running. 

We would love to hear from you if there is a book we've missed that you love, motivates you, gives you positivity and that you would highly recommend.

The Secret DVD

I am so grateful this DVD came into my life as it helped change my mindset and helped me onto my positive path in life.

The Secret - books series

More of a reader - these are The Secret series of books which I also have and are amazing to boost your positivity and productivity!


The Paleo Solution - Robb Wolf

I absolutely love this book! It's the one that set my weight loss and health journey in motion!

The Primal Blueprint - Mark Sisson

Another great book that I'm currently reading. On the same Paleo & Primal movement theme as Robb Wolf's 'The Paleo Solution' but with a slightly different take on the subject and writing style. This is the latest 2019 version of the 2012 version I have

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